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Artwork of Flags of Revolution


• recorded 1990
• at Gorilla Studio, D - Geislingen
• produced by Love Like Blood
engineered by A.Kemmer / K.Brosowski
mixed by Om

label: Deathwish Office
publisher: BSC Musikverlag
cat.-no.: 21033


01. Within the realm of a dying sun5:00read lyrics
02. Apathy and boredom4:47read lyrics
03. Mercy killing4:15read lyrics
04. Children6:35read lyrics
05. Tears of liberation5:30read lyrics
06. Johannesburg4:05read lyrics
07. Out of Sight5:45read lyrics
08. The tribute to Manila3:45read lyrics
09. Doomsday5:17 
10. Swordlily4:53