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Love Like Blood is not done . (September-2004)read news
If people think Love Like Blood quit, due to a enduring silence, they fail. As long as you get no official statement in ....... read all

Offical release date (January-2001)read news
"Chronology of a love-affair" will be released on 5th of March 2001. The first media & press reviews and reactions are a....... read all

Chronology of a love-affair is online (January-2001)read news
this short message is just to put your focus on their upcoming album "Chronology of a love-affair". Just click on "recor....... read all

a long-time break? (December-2000)read news
The band had to turn down several offers of tour supports, due to several reasons. It seems now that the band will stay....... read all

Behind the scenes (November-2000)read news
just to keep you posted, yet nothing is confirmed, but currently the bands agents negotiate with the Theatre of Tragedy ....... read all

cover album recorded (November-2000)read news
Good news, after hard work the band returned from studio with a master tape in their hands. Yep, the cover album, which ....... read all